Henri Maccheroni
02.19.14 /15:47/ 150


montreal street artist roadsworth tries not only to beautify the urban landscape, often by incorporating existing street markings, but to also make a statement about the illusory urban disconnect from the natural environment. his (literal) street art is both a reclamation of a public space that as cyclists and pedestrians we are taught is dangerous, and a response to the primacy afforded to a car culture that largely dictates the planning of this public space. for his efforts, roadsworth was charged with 53 counts of mischief in 2004.

We’re startin’up now we’re on our way
Leaving all our yesterdays behind
Something special that we wanna say
Happiness is just a state of mind


sarah crowner
01.31.14 /21:24/ 442

Arrangements of Microscopic Algae Viewed Through a Microscope


Robert Doble
01.19.14 /04:13/ 3
hot as bass you’ll get
01.19.14 /01:54/ 49

Nobuo Sekine
Shadow of a moon B gold leaf on Japanese paper (H 35.7, W 28.5) in. (90.8 x 72.3) cm.
12.15.13 /20:02/ 188
12.08.13 /18:36/ 70080
~   David Lynch (via rauchwolken)

I’m shooting with Giza today. Photos coming soon.
11.30.13 /23:35/ 40824

Heinrich Heidersberger
11.27.13 /21:07/ 83


Noriko Ambe

Artist’s statement:

"Started in ‘99, this is my life work. I individually cut single sheets of paper by free-hand and stack them together. The work consists of positive or negative shapes. I am trying to embody relationships among humans, time and nature."

Canvas  by  andbamnan